Layered Cocktails

Make layered cocktails with this Tool

It may go without being said, but the more you experiment making various types of cocktails, the better mixologist you will be become! Keep trying new techniques and methods to expand your repertoire and surprise your guests when you’re entertaining at home.

One technique that is sure to catch everyone’s eye is the layered cocktail. This Rainbow Cocktail layering tool makes executing the perfect layered cocktails easier than ever before. It works by slowing down the liquid flow so liquids do not mix.

First you pour your heaviest liquid into the glass and then you insert the layering tool. Slowly pour the second layer with a less dense liquid. Keep repeating these steps for more layers.

Here’s a special St. Patrick’s Day cocktail I made using the Rainbow Cocktail layering tool. Have fun experimenting with your cocktail techniques and good luck!


Rainbow Shooter
Use the cocktail layering tool to make a Rainbow Shooter, one of my St. Patrick’s Day cocktails!