Limited Edition Cocktail Portrait: Old Don

$850 $1,000

Direct from the pages of his "Best in the World" award-winning book Cocktail Chameleon, each of the 54 life-sized Cocktail Portrait images is reverse mounted to 1” thick hand-cut acrylic, which is double beveled and frosted to give the illusion of a floating picture frame. Mark Addison's Cocktail Portraits were dubbed "The Fine Art of the Cocktail" by the Palm Beach Modern Art Fair when they launched in Winter 2018.


Aged tequila adds complexity to this citrusy twist on the classic Old Fashioned. The reposado tequila is lightly aged in small oak barrels, imparting briny, barely smoky notes to this smooth and sophisticated drink.

Each limited-edition image (editions of 10 + 2AP) is numbered and signed by Mark Addison.

  • 11 x 11 in. c-print image
  • 1” thick hand-cut acrylic
  • Double frosted bevel
  • 1 in. float mount w/ French cleat
  • Custom sizes available, pricing on request

Acrylic, C Print, Photography, Aluminum

Glassware: La Verrerie de Biot tumbler

Exclusively available on

Edition 1 of 10

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