The Javelin Shot

The Javelin Shot – a cocktail shot I crafted to represent the Ukrainian flag made with a very special vodka created to support the relief efforts for the Ukrainian people!

The Javelin Shot by Mark Addison for Javelin Vodka

What’s a Javelin, you ask?  A Javelin is an anti-tank missile that the Ukrainian Army has infamously been using to successfully thwart the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. They have been so successful the Javelin has become a major symbol of the war… 

Saint Javelin by Christian Borys

Maybe you have heard of “Saint Javelin”? She’s a fictions saint created by graphic artist Christian Borys – which depicts the Virgin Mary cradling a Javelin anti-tank weapon. Saint Javelin became a viral marketing campaign that has raised over $1 million dollars for charities helping relief efforts in Ukraine. 

The Javelin Shot by Mark Addison for Javelin Vodka

I’d like to introduce you to Javelin Vodka, a premium vodka created by O’Neill Vintners & Distillers, a family-owned wine and spirits company, to support Ukrainian relief efforts. Javelin Vodka was crafted by CEO Jeff O’Neill with the commitment to donate 100% of proceeds from the sale of each bottle to Razom for Ukraine, a non-profit organization providing critical humanitarian aid to the people of the tough but war-torn country. Razom means “together” in Ukrainian. 

When asked to create a cocktail using Javelin Vodka, I thought it fitting to create a shot in a Villeroy and Bosh Shot Tumbler glass, which I also used in my book Cocktail Chameleon.
To make The Javelin Shot you will need:
  • A shot glass that can hold at least 4 oz
  • a bar spoon
  • ½ oz. blue curaçao, well chilled
  • 1 oz. limoncello, well chilled
  • 1 oz. Javelin Vodka, well chilled

Prior to making the cocktail, place the spirit bottles in the freezer for a few hours to chill them very well as there is no ice used in the making of this cocktail. To make the cocktail, add the vodka and limoncello to the shot glass and stir with the bar spoon. Slowly pour the blue curaçao into the glass over the back of the bar spoon with the spoon resting on the inside edge of the glass. Being the most viscous (heaviest) of the ingredients, the blue curaçao will sink to the bottom of the glass. And that’s The Javelin Shot!

Cheers to the Ukraine people for their resilience, determination, and fortitude in defending their country! YPA!

You can learn more about Javelin Vodka and Razor for Ukraine at and purchase Javelin Vodka via and in stores across the U.S. wherever fine spirits are sold.

PS – this video was not sponsored but total transparency, I did receive one complimentary bottle of Javelin Vodka. Thanks Jeff, YPA!